ARTICLE 1 - Branding

Section A. Nombre: Texas Atlatl Association (TAA).
Section B. Logo: Pecos River style figure con atlatl.

ARTICLE 2 – Affiliacions

Section A. World Atlatl Association: TAA es una chapter de la WAA and will be conducted according to guidelines de
la WAA.  
WAA bylaws available on-line:
Section B. Any local atlatl organization located en Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tamaulipas,
Nuevo León, Coahuila, y Chihuahua may be considered una Affiliate de TAA, provided one (1) or more members of
the local atlatl organization is a member de la WAA.

ARTICLE 3 - Mission

Section A.  Objectivos:
•        Promover el arte del atlatl.
•        Encourage personal growth.
•        Improve the environment.

Section B. Objectivos Específicos:
•        Network with other atlatl associations and similar groups.
•        Provide competitions for people to test their physical and mental skills.
•        Provide venues for people to exchange ideas about the atlatl, experimental archeology, and self-reliance.
•        Promover research and publication.
•        Provide demonstrations and produce videos.
•        Advocate for the legalization of atlatl hunting.
•        Reduce the impact of invasive non-native species.
•        Practicar skills of self-reliance.

ARTICLE 4 - Sustantivos

Section A. Uno (l) annual meeting in each calendar year will be conducted. The time and location of the next annual
meeting will be determined in the current annual meeting.
Section B. Annual meetings will be held in conjunction with public eventos del atlatl.
Section C. The times and dates of meetings must be posted with la WAA.

ARTICLE 5 - Eventos

Section B. Any TAA member may organize eventos de TAA.
Section C. Eventos must be conducted according to guidelines de la WAA.

ARTICLE 6 – Membresía

Section A. New, active membership will be considered for anyone who is interested in el atlatl.
Section B. All members must adhere to the WAA code of conduct.
Section C. All members must adhere to the American Anthropological Association code of ethics.
Section D. Residencia de Texas no es necesario para la adhesión.
Section E. Discrimination against any person based on class or category es prohibida.
Section F. No membership dues.

ARTICLE 7 – Administrasion

Section A.  Officer Positions
Los officers of the TAA will be a Presidente y Vicepresidente.
Section B. Eligibility
WAA members que viven en Texas may serve as officers.
Section C.  Term of Office
Term of office is tres (3) anos for the position of Presidente y Vicepresidente.  The term of office of the Presidente y
Vicepresidente will begin at the close of the Annual Meeting during which they are elected and will terminate in tres
(3) anos at the close of the Annual Meeting upon the election of their successors.  
Section D.  Election of Officers
The members will indicate approval or disapproval by a voice vote conducted at the Annual Meeting.
Section E.  Duties
1. Presidente: The Presidente will be the Chief Executive Officer.  The Presidente will preside over all meetings and
may appoint committee chairpersons as needed.  Any vacancia occurring within the Vicepresidente's term will be
filled until the next annual meeting by presidential appointment.
2. Vicepresidente: The Vicepresidente will assist the Presidente, serve as Presidente in the event of absence of the
Presidente and perform other duties as assigned by the Presidente.   Any vacancia occurring within the Presidente's
term will be filled by the Vicepresidente until the next annual meeting, at which time a new Presidente will be elected.

ARTICLE 8 - Dinero
TAA no tienes money or assets. Any member may engage in private business.

ARTICLE 9 - Correcciones

Section A. Any member may propose that this document be amended, repealed, or altered in whole or in part.  In an
annual meeting, a vote will be taken on any proposed amendments, a simple majority counts as acceptance of the
Section B. Additional standing rules and procedures may be adopted.
Texas Atlatl Association
Proposed Update, 2013
Current Texas constitution was ratified on July 17, 2010: