Austin Texas Lithic Arts and Technology League
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is an atlatl?
A:  An atlatl is simply a lever that is used to throw a "dart."

Q: What is a dart?
A: A dart is like a spear that is light and flexible.

Q: Where and when was this used?
A: "In prehistoric Texas, the atlatl and dart was the main
weapon system in use for 10,000 years or more until they were
replaced by the bow and arrow between A.D 500-1000."
Q: Do I have to have my own equipment to compete?
A: Generally yes, you will need your own gear to compete in accuracy
contests.  However you can make arrangements to borrow gear.  

Q: Where can I get the equipment to compete?
A: Usually the raw materials are growing near by.  In addition, you can
buy atlatls and darts that are ready to throw.

Q: I was wondering if you could recommend some shops for archery.
A: The archery shop we work with is KC's:
They make atlatl darts for us.  
Q: Please send me some info about events in Central Texas.
A: The Austin Archery Club has tournaments every month.  
That is a good place to network with other atlatlists and archers.
We also have events posted on MeetUp:

Q: Can I bring my dogs to an atlatl accuracy event?
A: No, it is dangerous to bring pets to accuracy events.  Pets could get hurt by stray shots.

Q: Can you hunt deer with that thing?
A: No. In Texas it is not legal to hunt game animals, like the White-tailed deer, with an atlatl.
Q: What can you hunt with the atlatl?
A: It is legal to hunt many non-game animals, such as the feral hog, with atlatl.   
Bowfishing laws apply to the atlatl in Texas and you can harvest gar and a few other fish
species. Checkout the website of the
Texas Parks and Wildlife Department for more

Q: How safe are those things?
A: The atlatl weapon system is actually very safe because it has a limited range of about
100 yards, and the chance of a misfire is low.

Q: How dangerous are those things?
A: The effectiveness of the atlatl weapon system may have contributed to the
megamammal extinctions at the end of the Pleistocene in North America.

Q: Have you ever killed anything with that?
A: No.  We only use the atlatl for the forces of good and to preserve life.

Q: Is the atlatl better than archery?
A: Yes.  The atlatl weapon system is less affected by extreme environments as archery
equipment.  And you can take far larger game with the atlatl.

Q: Is archery better than the atlatl?
A: Yes.  Archery is far more accurate than the atlatl weapon system.  And the projectiles
used in archery are much smaller, cheaper, and more portable than the atlatl darts.

Q: Do you like?:
  • Hunting
  • Martial Arts
  • Anthropology
A: Join us!!!
Q: Do you have to live in Texas to join the Texas Atlatl Association?
A: No. The Texas Atlatl Association is inclusive and membership is open to anyone on
Earth.  Many members live in Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico.

Q:  How often do yall meet?
A: Often!  Events
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Q: Where can I learn these skills?
A: Take some classes at the Texas Atlatl School on MeetUp!