Archaeology Magazine is a fun site to visit
and read.
Atlatl Bob the name says it all.

Rita Deersky  Indian Crafts

Occoquan Paleotechnics
Wenmohs Ranch & laboratory for
experimental archaeology.
Wenmohs Art

Buffalo Jump The earliest and
southernmost buffalo jump site known in
North America.

Clovis Traditions Ppt

Alibates Flint Quarries
place to visit on a Tuesday.
Live Science full of recent articles!


Natural History Magazine

Wikipedia a great place to begin learning
about new ideas.

Etymology Dictionary
Atlatl Plans a comprehensive
website on atlatl designs!
Shoal Creek Saloon meeting place for the ATLATL.
Human Evolution by the Smithsonian Institute.

Primate Evolution by Dr Bramblett of UT

Geologic Timeline by the San Diego Natural History

Global warming by the Union of Concerned

Georgia Wildlife a great source for learning the
origins of scientific names.
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